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Rainbow Mountain View Hotel


Winter MVH

The Mountain View Historic Hotel was built by Issac Van Horn – Fred Miller Syndicate as part of the grand plan for Centennial, which included a dance pavilion, bank, newspaper office and upcoming polo grounds.

The original Hotel was painted white with black trim and was built at a cost of $8,000. It boasted 20 guest rooms, dining room and a “most improved system of plumbing.” The bathrooms, however, ended up in the stables.

It opened in time for the much anticipated arrival of the Laramie Plains, Hahn’s Peak Railroad on July 4, 1907 and was dedicated in a “golden spike” ceremony. Her original china and registration book can be viewed at the Nici Self Museum in Centennial. Today she has been restored to her original warmth and western charm and boasts a restaurant, coffee roaster, espresso bar, suites and rooms.

She is proud to welcome guests today as she did 108 years ago.

The Mountain View Historic Hotel is listed on the National Historic Register.

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