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Going on a travel adventure is always exciting and also anxious. To be sure you have all you will need for the journey,the right clothes,accessories…etc. Most important your camera. The adventure must be documented, maybe even a notebook for the words highlights,contacts made, and overall thoughts from the journey. These are some of the things I think about whenever planning a journey, 3 days or 3 weeks, it is always the same amount of time to get ready. Most important never leave yourself behind, bring a mirrorWyoming Travel near Centennial Wyoming

Fall in the Mountains`


Gold and some light orange these are the colors of fall in the mountains. If you go to high of course the colors disappear due tot he fact no trees grow above 9000′ Here in #centennial #Wyoming we have a nice array of color near the river and on some of the lower mountain roads. Bring a lunch or pick up a carry out order from your favorite eatery and go enjoy the solitude of Fall.


Burger Quest

I have always been a great burger seeker. However in today’s market the majority of restaurants serve less than great burgers. Purchased from the cheapest source, and they get away with this due to the fact most of you burger eaters will eat whatever is set in front of you. 95% of the beef is raised with hormones to produce beef faster than a natural growth period for the cattle. Which ruins the beef in my eyes, the taste is bad. Then the water and coloring put in so that you the consumers will buy more if it is bright in color at the market and full of fat, which you consider juicier. I am here to ask you to stop settling for mediocre beef burgers and ask the establishment to serve a better burger. Places are selling less than good burgers for $9 and then when a place offers a great hormone free burger you question $12, but will eat crap on a bun and pay $9 for beef they pay less than 2.50 for a pound. Great beef cost more because it takes more feed to grow a beef naturally. So now I put forth that all of us Great Burger Consumers stand up demand a better burger! Make it known in your community if you find one of these burgers and post it for the world to see, then your community will be Great Burger Seekers and Eaters like me.

I also think someone out here should start a facebook page or group for the Great Burger Quest of the World

no need for topping on this hormone free beef burger!


Fall in the Mountains

The very best time to visit Medicine Bow National Forest is most definitely fall. Less people, better weather, serene beauty of the gold colored aspens. We take walks in the forest on Sunday’s after we close the cafe, sometimes it is a quick walk on the boulders, other times long hikes along the mountain lakes. We bring a lunch and find a rock to sit and eat(finding rocks is not a problem in the Medicine Bow peak area).  We think that you too will find the Fall the best season in the mountains. Come up enjoy Wyoming!!!