Winter Wyoming Traveling

At times it can be very slow moving or stopped due to road closures. Wind in the Winter is even higher, it can gust up to 75mph, in the east this is called a hurricane. We that live in Wyoming learn to plan trips to town around the weather.

If you are a winter sports activist then driving in extreme Winter conditions is a task required to enjoy your activity. Although tough at times the roads, once you arrive to your destination in the mountains, the pain of Wyoming Winter Travel goes away quickly.


Fall in the Mountains`


Gold and some light orange these are the colors of fall in the mountains. If you go to high of course the colors disappear due tot he fact no trees grow above 9000′ Here in #centennial #Wyoming we have a nice array of color near the river and on some of the lower mountain roads. Bring a lunch or pick up a carry out order from your favorite eatery and go enjoy the solitude of Fall.



You never know whooooo you will meet in Wyoming travels! We saw this owl  outside of Lander on one of our weekend trips last spring. Always be on the look for wildlife in Wyoming, it is everywhere!                                                                                                                            For more information about our hotel and visiting WY please see our website:

Fall in the Mountains

The very best time to visit Medicine Bow National Forest is most definitely fall. Less people, better weather, serene beauty of the gold colored aspens. We take walks in the forest on Sunday’s after we close the cafe, sometimes it is a quick walk on the boulders, other times long hikes along the mountain lakes. We bring a lunch and find a rock to sit and eat(finding rocks is not a problem in the Medicine Bow peak area).  We think that you too will find the Fall the best season in the mountains. Come up enjoy Wyoming!!!

Wyoming Get Off The Interstate!

Wyoming Travel of the Interstate

Once in Wyoming, one should always travel the roads off the intersate. To experience true Wyoming it is not on I-80 or I-90. This pic is of a sign on Independence Rock. When we travel Wyoming we always take the county or state highway’s. Nothing but great views on these roads. Experience true Wyoming history and visit: