Burger Quest

I have always been a great burger seeker. However in today’s market the majority of restaurants serve less than great burgers. Purchased from the cheapest source, and they get away with this due to the fact most of you burger eaters will eat whatever is set in front of you. 95% of the beef is raised with hormones to produce beef faster than a natural growth period for the cattle. Which ruins the beef in my eyes, the taste is bad. Then the water and coloring put in so that you the consumers will buy more if it is bright in color at the market and full of fat, which you consider juicier. I am here to ask you to stop settling for mediocre beef burgers and ask the establishment to serve a better burger. Places are selling less than good burgers for $9 and then when a place offers a great hormone free burger you question $12, but will eat crap on a bun and pay $9 for beef they pay less than 2.50 for a pound. Great beef cost more because it takes more feed to grow a beef naturally. So now I put forth that all of us Great Burger Consumers stand up demand a better burger! Make it known in your community if you find one of these burgers and post it for the world to see, then your community will be Great Burger Seekers and Eaters like me.

I also think someone out here should start a facebook page or group for the Great Burger Quest of the World

no need for topping on this hormone free beef burger!


Empire Records

We just watched Empire Records again….great show, funny, sexy, drama, winning, it has everything. Watch it again for the first time!

Medicine Bow Hiking

It is July 8th and most trail in the snowy range region of The Medicine Bow National Forest are accessable. We have only lived here 1.5 years and to date have not hiked even 10% of the trails. There are so many to choose from, we use http://www.JustTrails.com for a good resource on where to hike. It is wet this week here, so bring extra socks. Drink many glasses of water, be prepared. Bring GPS, tell someone where you are hiking check in at the Information Center on the East side of the road to the range. Never go without other’s having knowledge of where you plan to hike, it is a wilderness! We love to hike anywhere near Sugar Loaf. If you come stop in and say hello, we have many map sources for your hike.

Wyoming Road Trip

Before we moved to Wyoming, Kat and I had the opportunity to take many weekend road trips from South Dakota to Wyoming. This is a blog on one of those trips.

Driving from Spearfish to the Bighorn Mountains along I-90, things heat up once we get past Gillette. The vista’s are magnificent to say the least. The Bighorns are over 90 miles away but it appears they are just 20 minutes out. The majestic range exposes itself in grand fashion. With large cattle herds on each side of the highway and energy production all around, the mountain range makes it all worth the trip.

At last we reach the exit to the Bighorns via HWY 16. We stop in Buffalo and get food from the market for a picnic. Back on the highway to the pass, we climb a great road, the mountain meadows appearing to imitate the meadows in the Sound of Music. Arriving at the highest point on the pass we pause and run through the mountain meadow laughing and pretending we are in the Sound of Music running and singing.

Back to the car, off to find a lunch place as the pass changes from meadows and alpine to high desert rock formations. We find the perfect spot, a few yards from the road. A place to put the chairs out and have a picnic. Our spot is over looking a deep gorge which seems to go on forever. A glorious peaceful pause.

After lunch we drive down to Tensleep, a small town on the west side of the pass. We stop in a coffee house for a beverage and then a walk about town. The terrain over this Bighorn pass changes three times; from alpine on the east side, to canyon desert halfway down the west side, and then to river banks as you enter Tensleep.

It is an easy 5 hour trip from Spearfish, SD to Tensleep, WY and is one of the day road trips we recommend to anyone traveling in Wyoming! Get out of your car and take in the air of the mountains in Wyoming!